how to make pounded yam flour
       Gone are the days when housewives go through the tedious process of peeling, cutting, boiling and pounding yam tubers just to make pounded yam for dinner. It is no news that new methods have been developed which saves you the stress of pounding yams just by simply processing the yam tubers into pounded yam flour which can be easily prepared by simply adding the powder in hot boiling water and stirring to form a paste.

        The most striking thing about the pounded yam flour is its high export potentials. It is now being packaged and exported to countries where there is high demand for it by business oriented Nigerians.
Ok let’s look at it this way. Have you ever wondered how our Nigerian brothers survive outside the shores of this country? Do you know that some of them have not tasted our local delicacy for decades and are willing to part with their hard earned cash just to do so? This explains why there is high demand for our processed local foods abroad.
        Now here is the jist. Do you know you can also start processing and exporting these finished products to countries like US, Britain and many other countries around the world?
All you have to do is to establish a contact over their, preferably a Nigerian friend or relation who you can send the products to and make your cool cash.
One thing about this business is that the market is never saturated. The demand is always high in fact, in less than a week, another supply will be requested.
If you have been thinking of starting this business, I believe this article will boost your morale. It is time to take the bull by the horn, go out there and make a decent income for your self.
In my next post, I will take you through the steps of yam flour processing and packaging for export. Meanwhile i want to use this medium to inform my loyal readers in US, UK, THAILAND and other countries of the world where Nigerian Delicacy is sort after. We export top quality Pounded Yam Flour and other Agricultural Products on demand to any part of the world. If you need this service, please call or Whatsapp me on +2348065278738 so that we can discuss business. Thanks
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Chukwuemeka Nkwocha