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          Some days ago, I published an article on how to make money from selling charcoal. I was not detailed in that article because I was busy preparing an information product that I will soon be launching on this site.
So for the benefit of those who truly want to start the charcoal selling business, please click here to read my previous article on how to make money selling charcoal before continuing with this.
There is no doubt that there are a lot of business opportunities from selling charcoal, this is because of the various uses charcoal can be put into. In fact exporting charcoal outside the shores of this country is a serious money making business many people have not thought about.

          I believe this is the next question in your mind begging for answers. Charcoal business can be done on a small scale or a large scale, depending on the available capital.
You don’t need to worry your self about renting a shop or paying for a space. You can simply use the little space in front of your house for a start. You don’t need to worry yourself about storage, because charcoal is not perishable and can be stored any where away from the rain to keep it dry.
So if you intend to start this business on a small scale, you will need a start-up capital of about N15,000 to N20,000 thousand naira.

          In Nigeria, there are places that are well known for the production of charcoal in commercial quantities for export and for the local market. I did a little research and came up with some answers. For those living in south-west Nigeria and intend to start this business, you can source your charcoal from three major places.

1)      SAKI Local Government Area in Oyo State about 2-3hrs from Ibadan is well known for producing charcoal in commercial quantity.
2)      ITESIWAJU Local Government Area in Oyo State approximately 3hrs from Ibadan is also known for commercial charcoal production.
3)      ISEYIN Local Government Area also in Oyo State produces charcoal in commercial quantities.
Note: if you want to buy from the producers, you have to buy a truck load because they sell only in bulk. However, if you cannot afford to pay for a truck load of charcoal, you can peer with two or three other buyers to reduce the cost for you.
A bag of charcoal from the producers is sold for between N1000 and N1300, and you can come and resell at 1550 with a gain of N250.
Assuming you sell an average of 10 bags daily, you get 2500 per week, and N75, 000 in a month. So you can agree with me that one can make over N50, 000 per month from this business.

Many people buy charcoal for different purposes ranging from home use to commercial use. The charcoal market cannot be saturated because the demand is ever increasing especially during certain seasons of the year. Below is a list of potential buyers of charcoal.

Restaurants and bars
Fast food joints
Roadside food vendors
Suya sellers
Local tea sellers
Bread baking industries
Bean cake sellers e.t.c

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          The list is endless because charcoal can be put into several uses. So if you have been thinking of starting this business, I believe you are now armed with enough information to start up.
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Chukwuemeka Nkwocha