charcoal business

In Nigeria today, many people are scampering for alternative energy sources due to the ever increasing price of cooking fuel.
Recent statistics has shown that the Charcoal business experienced a boom immediately after the fuel subsidy removal. This was because of the over 100% increase in the prices of cooking fuel like kerosene. I could recall that before the petroleum subsidy removal, kerosene was sold for around N95/litre but now it is sold for N135/litre and is even higher in some remote places.

               Because of this hike in prices, there has been a paradigm shift from the use of kerosene as cooking fuel to the use of alternative fuels like charcoal and firewood. This has led to increased demand and subsequently increased price of charcoal.
This increased demand has made the business very profitable as sellers of this product now earn more from the business.
               Currently a bag of charcoal which was sold for N800 is now sold for N1500, and the demand and supply chain is not affected. Charcoal is used in most bread baking industries as a source of fuel. It is also used as a source of warmth during the cold season. Charcoal is also used as a source of fuel for frying by roadside food vendors.
There are a lot of uses for charcoal, and the demand is ever increasing so if you have been thinking of starting this business, I think this is the right time to take action.

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Chukwuemeka Nkwocha