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          If you are reading this article, it is either you own a Blackberry or you intend to buy one soon. But which ever group you belong to, you would be glad you stumbled upon this article by the time I am through with you.
          It is no longer news that you can use your Blackberry phone as a modem to browse on your PC, although not without subscribing to a separate data plan. You already know by now that your BIS
(Blackberry Internet Subscription) data plan is restricted to only your blackberry applications like your BB browser, BB Application World, BB Messenger, and other blackberry services on your phone.
          If you have ever downloaded third party applications like Opera Mini, Ucweb, 2go, ebuddy, etc to your blackberry phone, you would have noticed that they don’t work with your BIS plan unless you subscribe to a separate plan for them.
You would have also noticed that you can’t browse on your PC with your BIS data plan, and that you have been given a data limit of 200MB by MTN.
Ok enough of the sermon, let’s get to business.
v     What if I showed how I was able to bypass all these restrictions set by MTN?
v     What if I showed you how I browse 24hrs on my PC with my MTN BIS plan?
v     What if I showed you how I configured my Blackberry phone to connect with other third party applications like 2go, ebuddy, Opera Mini, UCweb etc
v     What if I showed you how I exceeded the 200MB data limit set by MTN to download up to 4GB data per month?
v     What if I showed you how non Blackberry Users can use MTN BIS plan to browse 24/7 on their PC?
v     What if I revealed to you the secret of how I make over N10, 000 per week rendering this service to people?
 Did I hear you say what!!? Yes it’s true, I have been using this trick to browse and download on my PC since after I bought my BB phone.
If you are interested in maximizing your BIS data plan by using it to browse on phone and Laptop, then you are welcome.
I have prepared a Step By Step guide with Screen Shots on how to configure your laptop to browse with your BIS plan at incredible speeds for 24hrs with unlimited downloads.
This package also includes how to configure your BB phone to connect with third party applications like Opera Mini, Ucweb etc.
Note: this package is different from using your blackberry phone as a modem to browse on PC.
v     No need to subscribe for a separate data plan for your Laptop again.
v     Save money on buying Extra data plan for your laptop.
v     Browse for 24hrs non-stop with unlimited downloads.
v     You don’t need to own a blackberry phone; even non Blackberry users can enjoy this package.
v      It works on both BBC Weekly and BBC Monthly plans.
v     Maximize your BIS data plan and download up to 4Gb data.
v     Package is well illustrated with screen shots; even a baby can understand and apply it.
v     No software installation needed. Just plug and play

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Chukwuemeka Nkwocha