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         I was invited to a construction site by an architect friend of mine sometime ago. He was supervising the construction of a shopping complex some where in the outskirts of the city. As I sat down and watched with kin interest the activities going on there, I realized that there are numerous business and investment opportunities in the building and construction industry in Nigeria.
        Do you know that you can be earning an average of N50,000 per day just from renting scaffold to builders and construction companies?
Do you know that if you invest in scaffold renting business, you will have continuous return on investment?

This is a business that is risk free, has high profit potential, requires little or no labour, yet has a very high profit margin.
You must understand that no matter how bad our economy becomes and no matter how high the cost of building rises, people will continue to build so you cannot run out of business. Before I explain further on this business, I will like to describe a scaffold and what it is used for, and I will be as elementary as possible.

A scaffold is a wooden or metallic structure or set-up uniquely designed to be used to reach the tall parts of a building especially during plastering or painting a building. It could be made from wooden planks, Bamboo or strong iron pipes fixed together with bolts and nuts to form a tall structure. I believe you now have an idea of what a scaffold looks like. The picture above can help you better.

The scaffold renting business is a very profitable business. You can recover the money you invested in a couple of months. To start this business, you must first acquire the scaffold before any other thing. The scaffold I am talking about is the metallic one that is made with strong iron pipes fixed together with bolts and nuts. Depending on the height, an average scaffold costs between N400, 000 to N500, 000. some even run into millions. Did I hear you say it’s too expensive? Don’t be scared because this is a business you can borrow money to start, and be sure to pay back before you are due.

You will start making money from the first day you acquire it. Scaffold hiring is charged per day, some people even charge per hour. Just imagine how much you can be making per day when you are being paid per hour. Remember that your scaffold can last for weeks on site, and for each day that passes by, you keep smiling to the bank. Depending on how you negotiate with the contractors. You can be charging as high as N50, 000 per day or maybe N5, 000 per hour or even higher. The earning possibilities in this business are endless. Let’s assume you invested N500, 000 in this business, and you charge N50, 000 per day, and your scaffold is to last up to 30 days on site. That is a whooping 1.5 Million Naira straight into your bank account, with a profit of 1 Million naira.

Because of the heavy building and construction activities going on in almost every state of the country especially in Abuja the federal capital territory, scaffold hiring has become very profitable. Your scaffold can be rented by any of the following group of people.  
Construction companies
Painters etc
          in fact the list is endless and i can assure you continuous return on investment when you invest in this business. so if you have some money that is lying fallow in the bank, i advice you to put it into good use by investing in this very lucrative business.
if you have been wondering where to buy a scaffold or make inquiries, i stumbled upon a Nigerian company that sell and rent scaffolding systems. you can visit their website at http://www.scaffoldnig.com 
Remember!!! i am not in any way affiliated to this company and therefore will not be held responsible for any problem that might arise from transacting business with them. you can simply do a Google search to find other companies if you are not satisfied with them.

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Chukwuemeka Nkwocha

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