how to make school chalk
              Some time ago, i wrote an article on how to make over N100, 000 monthly producing and selling school chalk to schools. In that article, I only highlighted the investment opportunities abound in school chalk production without any information about the process of school chalk production. Due to the incessant requests from my loyal readers to write a more detailed article on school chalk production, I decided to package a more detailed piece.  In this article, I am going to teach you the step by step guide of how to produce school chalk in the comfort of your home and sell to schools for huge profit.

It is no doubt that school chalk production is very lucrative in Nigeria because of the ever increasing number of public and private schools nationwide. This is in accordance with one of the agenda of the present administration which is to make education available and affordable to every citizen.  This has significantly increased demand of school chalk within the last 10 years. To meet up with this increased demand, individuals and corporate organizations have delved into school chalk production and supply with a bid to balancing the demand and supply chain. This has not been successful, as schools keep springing up on daily basis while the demand keeps skyrocketing. This has created a very big investment opportunity especially for individuals who intend to go into small scale chalk production business.
Let me start by saying that school chalk production is a very simple and straight forward process. Anybody can learn how to do it and apply it successfully without supervision. For this reason, school chalk production has been incorporated into the curriculum of almost every skill acquisition center in Nigeria.
School chalk production can be done in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to establish a big factory. The major equipment for school chalk production is the Chalk Mould which is primarily used for molding the chalk to give it its characteristic shape, size, and length.
      1)  The Plaster of Paris or as it is generally called “POP” is the major raw material for school chalk production. Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white powder, which when mixed with water, gives off heat and forms a quick-hardening paste. It is used in the arts for sculpting and making casts, and in medicine for molding casts around broken limbs. Below is a picture of powdered POP

2    2)  Calcium Carbornate: this chemical is mainly used in the production of paint. it is also mixed with POP to make the chalk smooth and fine.
3)    Clean Water: water is a very important element in school chalk production, because it is used for mixing all the ingredients.

4) Mixing bowls, cups and measures.


1) Chalk Mould: this is the major equipment used in school chalk production. It is either made of rubber or metal but usually with a wooden frame. But there are some chalk moulds that are completely made of metal. The moulds defer according to the number of holes or cavities they have. The trending versions are made from vulcanized hardened rubber and have 144 and 240 holes version. it is non rusty and less maintenance. it also doesnt require lubrication. The number of holes or cavities a chalk mould has determines the number of chalk sticks it can produce at a time. Below is a picture of the 240 holes rubber chalk mould for the benefit of those who have never seen one before. It currently sells for N40,000. You can call me on 08065278738 if you want to get one. Chat me on Whatsapp for more information +2348065278738 

2) Scraper: this is a flat metal object used for scraping the surface of the chalk mould.
3) Packaging Materials: these include packets and branded carton packs. Give me a call if you need packets to be made for you.


STEP1 Pour some POP into a container, preferably a bucket, add the required quantity of calcium and mix properly then add the required quantity of water. Use your hand to mix them properly with the water until it forms a paste.
STEP2 Pour the pasty mixture into the already arranged mould and allow it for 15 to 20 minutes to solidify before loosening the mould.
STEP4 When you are sure that the chalk has formed, loose the mould and collect the chalk produced for sun drying or through mechanical dryer.
STEP5 After sun drying for 2 to 3 days, package the chalk in branded carton packs and your school chalk is ready for sale.

Buy your 240 holes Rubber School Chalk Mould with Clamps.

The school chalk mould or school chalk making machine as some people would call it, is the single most important component in school chalk production. This rubber chalk mould is very easy to use and is maintenance free. The POP cannot stick to it, therefore there is no need for lubrication. It has 240 holes and therefore can produce 240 chalk sticks per production. It has a clamp which is used to hold the mould in place and closely packed together to avoid leakage during production. The Mould currently sells for N40,000 together with the Clamp. We can send it to you by Waybill to wherever you are in Nigeria via transport companies. We also send to other West African countries like Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Chad, Niger Republic and Benin Republic. Just call or chat us up on Whatsapp  +2348065278738. 

One day Practical Training on School chalk production.

I also offer a practical training on school chalk production. If you are really serious about starting school chalk business, I urge you to come down to Ibadan for a comprehensive one-on-one practical training. You will do it yourself and I will be there to guide you. You will learn the tips and tricks in production and packaging and how to reduce waste and maximize profit. I will also teach you how to make your own packaging carton from cheap materials etc. The training is just N25,000 and you can call and book for a training one week in advance. The training fee must be paid before commencement of training or in advance after booking.

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Chukwuemeka Nkwocha