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I have missed my loyal readers for quite some time now, and that’s because i have been busy with school of late. Now the school stress has gone down and I have more time to publish interesting articles more often than before. While I was away, I received countless number of calls from my subscribers pertaining different problems which to the best of my ability I proffered solution to. That’s a sign that I am really impacting positively in the lives of many Nigerians.
I bought a recharge card printing software some years ago from a renown internet marketer when i was about starting my recharge card printing business. NOTE: The software is now obsolete but you don't stand to loose anything if you download it, at least you will have an idea of how recharge card printing software operates. This software was sold for as high as N5000, in fact i bought mine much higher. But before I give you the download links to the software and manual, I will like to shed some light on GSM recharge card printing business.
            Since the advent of the GSM in Nigeria some years back, recharge card printing has been a major source of income in many households. This business undoubtedly has become very lucrative owing to the ever increasing number of GSM users. Statistics has shown that Nigeria has over 100 Million GSM users, and that an average Nigerian has more than one Mobile phone, usually with separate GSM lines. This increasing number of users has led to the proliferation of several recharge card printing companies, aimed at meeting the demand of GSM vouchers. Despite this proliferation of recharge card dealers and sub-dealers, there is still room for small scale investors to get their own share of the multibillion Naira industry.
Several workshops and seminars on recharge card printing business have been organized and are still being organized by business minded Nigerians to teach recharge card printing and how to make money from it. I have attended a couple or two of such seminars too and have benefited a lot. This software I will be giving out today was one of such benefits, though I had to part with some money to get it.
            Have you sat down to calculate the number of times you buy recharge cards in a week? Or even in a day?  Now multiply the amount you get by the millions of GSM users in Nigeria then you will have an idea of how GSM recharge card business could be very lucrative.
If you are really interested in starting this business now or in the future, I suggest you download this software. Though it is obsolete as at the time of writing this report, it will enable you to see how recharge card printing software operates. To get the download links of the software and manuals, please send a blank mail with the subject “RECHARGE CARD” to rechargecard@listwire.com . You will receive two mails instantly, if you don't see the mail immediately, please check your SPAM FOLDER. The first mail contains your confirmation link which you must click in order not to miss my future freebies, while the second mail contains the download links of the software and user manual. NOTE: This software is obsolete, but it will give you a feel of how recharge card printing software operates when you install it and follow the user manual.
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To your online success.
Chukwuemeka Nkwocha