SALE OF HAMPERS: Hampers are gift packs that are usually exchanged between friends and families during festivities like Valentine, Easter and Christmas celebrations. Depending on the contents of the hamper, an average hamper could cost between N3500 and N5000 or even more. The hampers are usually sold for twice their original value, so you can make a 100% profit or even more per sale. Below is a picture of a typical hamper.

SALE OF WEARS: Research has shown that most boutique owners’ record unusual increase in patronage during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, with an attendant increase in profit. This is because of the general tradition of buying new clothes especially for the kids during the Christmas season. 

JEWELRIES: there tend to be an increase in the demand for jewelries especially from the women folks. If you have flare for selling jewelries, I think you should start thinking of buying it in bulk in preparation for the Xmas. I assure you that you will make huge sales. 

GREETING CARDS: It is a common tradition to exchange greeting cards between friends and families during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you are an artist, and you design cards, I strongly suggest you start designing Happy Xmas and New Year Cards now in preparation for the celebration. For more information on how to make money from greeting cards, you can read up my article on how to makemoney designing and selling Hand Made cards.  

CHRISTMAS ACCESSORIES: There is usually an increased demand on Christmas accessories like Christmas Trees, Santa Attire like caps and masks, Christmas Lightings and the likes. So I suggest you stock up your shop.

RECHARGE CARDS: People tend to make a lot of calls during this season. You can buy recharge cards in bulk, or better still Subscribe to VTU on MTN network, and Similar service on other networks so that you can easily sell recharge cards of all networks and make some cash this Christmas. 

SALE OF NEW NAIRA NOTES: There is usually an increased demand for New Naira Notes in the Season of Christmas. This is because the season is usually accompanied by series of occasions like traditional weddings ceremonies and the likes and of course most people will like to spray new naira notes, hence the high demand. The old Naira notes are usually exchanged with the new ones for a small token. The Government considers this as illegal so doing this business will be at your own risk.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Even if you will not partake in any of the businesses listed above, I strongly suggest you consider this one. Even if you have never done photography in your life, doing this business is not so difficult. All you need to do is to get a good digital camera and a mobile picture printer. It is usually referred to as “Wait and Get” Once you have this, the job is done. Even if you borrowed money to buy the Camera and the printer, I assure you that you will get your money back before the season runs out. Why am I so sure about this business? Ok let me give you a break down analysis. The least amount a photographer will charge for a Digital Picture is N200. Some even charge as high as N300 per picture. Remember that you will not be buying photographic films this time, since it’s a digital camera. You only spend a little money on buying glossy printing papers for printing out the pictures. You make your money instantly since it’s a wait and get picture. Even if you have never handled a camera before, you can do this job since you can hardly make mistakes because customers always get to review the picture you snapped before you print. You can always re-snap to get the best picture quality. Assuming you snapped twenty people at the rate of N200 each, that’s a whooping N4000, and of course you can snap more than 20 because some picture freaks can snap up to 10 pictures a day. For potential customers, visit Churches, Traditional wedding ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Football fields, House opening ceremonies, Birthday parties and any where there is a gathering.   
If you have any addition to the list i have up there, you can drop your comments and suggestions in the comment box below and i will add it.   
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Chukwuemeka Nkwocha


They could also create some Christmas-inspired bullion but of course, they shouldn't use real gold cause that will be too costly. Anyway, you could create a lot more accessories and products that you could sell for extra income.

You could sell stuff you can make yourself. Anyone can create a good looking jewelry by means of beads and threads. You can sell bracelets and necklaces made of beads just in time for the season. These are perfect gift ideas for women.

You could make something more about the business you got right now. To make it stand up in the long run, there are just few steps you need to take up to keep the business in track and alive.

Well, if you're good in designing stuff like personalized items, I may have the right way to earn you some dollars! Put your creative mind to use and design some business cards for your friends or for your colleagues. You'll never know how much someone pays for a well made business card. If you look and do some research, there are companies who offer free business card samples for you to have an idea on what to do.

Jewelry/accessories make great Christmas gifts. I think it's a sure way to get money. If you could sell a bulk of these, or even just individually, you'll make money. Women do love giving gifts, and jewelry is the best bet. Thanks for your tips!

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